Competing with a Vending Machine in a break room

By candypreneur

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Oct 10th, 2010

I’ve had to compete with vending machines before. It’s very common when having a machine in an employee break room. Fact is it’s really not a competition both can coexist, but there are something to keep in mind when you have one by you. First is to make notice if your candy is a value give-in the competition. If your quantity isn’t good enough they will put their money into the vending machine.

Second know what the vending machine is offering. Sometime you can learn a lot about the location by what’s already there, also they can learn a lot from you too. If one of your machines seems next to empty on a specific type of candy you might find a larger pack of that candy become available in the vending machine. At the same time if you see a theme to the type of candies it offers you might either go with the theme if it seems to provide an insight into what people will buy, or go against it if you think the person running that machine isn’t paying much attention to what people really want, or the machine seems very full all the time.

There is one advantage the other machine most likely has over your coin op and that is it can accept dollars. If it’s a vending machine that has an attached coin changer as opposed to a built in one.. well it just made your day as they will be making change for you machine too. If the price of the items in the machine are between $0.55 and $0.75 you are likely to get the left over in your machine.

Most important thing is to keep in mind what they are selling, and watch for any changes in comparison to what you are selling. Then decide if the location is worth it in the end. No point in keeping the machine in the location if no one is using it.. That’s a wasted asset.