U-turn Vending Machines and Sticking Quarters Scam

By candypreneur

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Nov 7th, 2010

I’ve found a very interesting issue with the U-turn machines and an important fix all candypreneurs should know about. I see this happen a few times where a quarter runs through the vending machine multiple times. Upon studying the issue I found there are some quarters floating around were the ridges of the quarter are thicker then a typical quarter. So far every one of these I’ve run into is dated 1999. Because of the increased thickness of the coin and the tight tolerance of the u-turn coin mechanisms the quarter gets stuck in the coin mechanism and doesn’t pass through to the coin cup. The fix for this is to get a small file and file away some of the plastic in the coin mech.

This isn’t a perfect fix as technically someone could fashion a slug that is tick enough to stick and keep spinning no matter how you try to fix the issue. You can also try adding some sort of Teflon spray to the coin mechanism to improve sliding of the quarter. if you are tracking your numbers you will notice irregularities such as running out of candy faster then planned. If you keep coming up short then you know there is a consistent issue and maybe it’s time to move the machine, or replace it with a different brand machine.