Trusted Candy Vending Machine Locator Service

By candypreneur

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Dec 26th, 2010

For a new Candypreneur, selling locations can be very challenging. It takes mustering up a special courage to talk a business owner into allowing your bulk candy vending machine to be placed in their store. As well you can waste a lot of time when dealing with rejections. The main reason people, including myself, start a vending business do it to make extra income with an already demanding job. With time already in short supply going door to door isn’t my idea of fun.

This is where Kick Start Locations’ service really shines. They can help expand your vending machine route for a small fee per machine. They do so via calling places and making a deal for you. In the industry there are two basic types of locator out there you can use. The first one is a person that physically visits locations and tries to sell them, these service really aren’t very cost effective and do a poor job with location selection. The second is a telemarketing service that calls the places on your behalf and arranges the deal, for some reason these services tend to do a better job. I don’t know if it’s random chance or just because kick start rocks, but I would pick them over a door to door guy.

At this point in my business the only locator service I will use is Kick Start Locations. First they have a great service offer. Their cheap prices are some of the best out there. For as little as $40 you can have your machine placed by their talented staff. They will find you a location in the area of your selection at the type of place you choose. You get a warranty on the location so if you get kicked out or the place sucks they will find you a new one. That’s better then a sharp stick in the eye you get from other services!

I have come across a lot of scammers in the vending machine locator business so it’s great to find a legitimate trust worthy service. Through their service I met Rob their owner; he is a great guy and a vending industry super star looking out for the little guy. He has a route with over 100 machines himself and knows what he is doing. When I first looked into his service I was a little weary but I kept in mind that Kick Start Locations uses paypal, which offers a claims department should something go wrong and that stop my initial fear of using them.

Now when I expand I factor the cost of Kick Start Locations into my machine acquisition costs. They definitely make it fast and easy to grow your bulk candy, soda, or snack vending business. Selling a location yourself can be good experience but it’s extra time, I would rather spend money on someone else’s time then spend my own.