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By candypreneur

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Feb 27th, 2011

My Recommendation: Check out Vend-Trak Online Vending Business Software

One of the most critical things to any business is effective software to track the profitability and improvements. Coming from the computer programming world and having written business software for many years, I am extremely critical of what software I use. I got to the point that a simple excel spreadsheet wasn’t the best way to go anymore and looked for an alternative. I looked at many different software systems and was disappointed that few were online software and all of them seemed like trash, I got very fed up and was ready to give up the search and just start writing my own when I found Vend-Trak. This software was just what I needed. A feature rich, online software that I could manage my machines from my iPad or iPhone when in the field. I really didn’t want to write my own and have one more thing to manage so I was very happy to find this software.

Here was a software package that did everything I needed… track mileage, expenses/income, tax reporting, GPS route configuration, a portal for locations to request service, track product usage , and so much more. The list went on and on. One thing about being an effective entrepreneur is knowing how to best spend your time and building another software wasn’t one of them. Let me just say that everyone out there who decides to give it a try will thoroughly enjoy it. It makes tracking so much easier and more beneficial then a spreadsheet can.

I have talked to a couple people who were turned off by monthly fees for commercial web-based software. I personally don’t understand it, why worry about spending $20 when you are going to make hundreds or thousands? This goes back to my past article on having to “spend money to make money..” I pointed out the numerous benefits the software brings and that helped them justify the fee.

  • 30% increased profits from the efficiency gained
  • Increased insight into your business and profitability
  • Reduction of time and gas spent
  • Tax Reports
  • Improved tracking
  • Better communication with your locations
  • Mobility
  • Managing additional service workers
  • Constantly updated with new features without upgrade fees
  • Data backups (typically would cost $5-10 a month alone)
  • And so much more

This software is great for any size vending business, and I highly recommend using it to help you scale up your business and route. You should give their free trail a go and see if you agree with me that this software is exactly what you need to run your business.

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