The New Pepsi Social Vending Machine

By candypreneur

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May 8th, 2011

Pepsi has created a new prototype vending machine that allows users to send a gift of soda to their friends who can then redeem it at any other Pepsi social vending machine. I think it’s an interesting concept but not sure how well received it will be. Given the fact that the majority of the machines out there are used machines put in place by individuals like you and I. It’s hard to imagine this machine all over the place. It’s more┬álikely┬áto be found in malls and amusement parks.

There are some concepts that are good such as being able to read the nutritional labels on the soda before buying it, however I’m pretty sure if you are a label reader and a drinker of Pepsi products chances are good you have already read the label and don’t need to see it.

One aspect I think could be of great value going forward would be the ability to have an account with a machine and be able to punch in a code and receive a snack or beverage. If you were working at the same office building everyday to swipe your credit card and put $20 into an account seems attractive. Especially if the merchant offers some incentive. That incentive could make sense if they have to pay a small amount per transaction for the credit card processing. So instead of processing a lot of little transactions you could process one large sum of money that gets used in smaller intervals why not offer a few extra vends to save some cash from the merchant accounts.

Just some ideas… Check out the video for the social vending machine interface…

Pepsi Social Vending Machine