Tricks To A Successful Sales Pitch

By candypreneur

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Oct 28th, 2015

Giving a good sales pitch can be hard, and if you don’t come off the right way success can be difficult. Scouting locations and making the sales pitch is the hardest part of the job, so if you can handle it, you can handle every other aspect of the job. Here are some tricks and tips to making the best sales pitch you can.

Don’t treat it like a sales pitch
When the term “Sales Pitch” is mentioned, most people automatically think of something negative like a pesky car salesman, Telemarketers or one of those guys promoting timeshares. The best way to approach a “Pitch” is to introduce yourself to the manager or owner of an establishment and strike up a conversation. Make a few positive observations about the location and work in that you run a small vending business that is looking to expand. Work in the fact that all of your machines have Charity Vending Stickers and that a certain percentage of the profit is donated to the cause.

Do your homework
Once you have met them and brought up your business, make sure to have some solid information for them to look over. If you approach with the charity angle make sure to have information on the charity that your business sponsors. Be ready to be tested about your business from all angles.

What is your motive for choosing their location over somewhere else? Make that reason very clear to them. Tell them who your target customers are and what their motive for buying is. They will see that you have put significant thought into the proposal and thus be more likely to accept the offer.

Focus on their gain, not yours
How will they benefit from your business presence? Appearing charitable and being invested in the local community, helping out other small businesses, gaining commission etc. Make sure to highlight their benefits in the deal.

Confidence & Professionalism
As long as you are confident in yourself and your business, the process will be much easier. Walk in there well dressed and groomed, with a great attitude and a warm smile. Make yourself known, and try your best to be outgoing rather than shy.

Identify your objective
If you have done all of your homework and you think that this particular location is a great fit for the both of you, then don’t hold back the fact that you are there to make a deal.

Ask for a commitment
When it is all said and done, don’t hesitate to ask them for a commitment. By asking them quite bluntly it shows that you are there for business and driven to get an answer. They can only give you three answers, yes, maybe and no. If the answer is maybe reassure them that if you place the machine and at anytime they are unhappy with it there then they simply call you up and you will remove it within 48 hours. Answer any questions they might have and try to give them confidence. In all cases make sure to wrap it up by thanking them for their time, shaking their hand and giving them a business card.

If you are successful with the pitch then make sure to follow up with the smaller details, such as when setting up would be a good time and what times would service runs be optimal for them. Make sure to have an accurate schedule, so if you make plans you can stick to them. It is often best to have the machine with you and be ready to place it at that moment if there are no objections. This will prevent the deal from cooling off and resulting in a delayed no thank you. Once the deal is done all you have to do is maintain the machine in a safe and reliable manner. Sending them a thank you card the next day is a nice touch that will work to build and solidify the relationship.