Vending the Right Product at the Right Location

By candypreneur

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Oct 28th, 2015

Everyone likes a sweet treat now and again, and to be frank those of us in the bulk vending industry rely on our customer’s impulses. Since we do rely on impulse desires it is important to stock the most appealing products for the location and customers.

Vending the right product really depends on the number of heads your machine has. If you only have a single head gumballs are your best bet, if you have two heads to fill it is best to go with one chocolate like peanut M&M’s, M&M’s or Reese’s pieces, and one fruit candy like Mike & Ike’s, hot tamales or jelly beans.

If you are equipped with three or more heads to your machine then your best bet to appeal to everyone is to have a chocolate, sweet chewy candies, sour hard candies, gum and etc.. If you have the space it is best to diversify your selection. Location factors in as well, for bars and restaurants chocolate, gum and mints are preferred as they both signify the end of a meal and tell your body it is done eating for the time being.

Overall chocolate is consumed more than any other confectionery so always including a chocolate in your stock is a good idea, gum is preferred the older crowd and sweet and sour candies are more popular with children.

Another thing to consider is intention, those looking for stress relief in waiting rooms are going to prefer chocolate and chewies, and those at family/entertainment restaurants are going to be looking for fun, sweet & sour and brightly colored hard candies much like nerds and runts. Shape and color factor in as well, children find novelty candy more appealing especially if it is brightly colored and has a fun name. Including variation in color and flavor for things such as gumballs and jawbreakers can ensure that kids will try to get the one that they want, possibly even warranting a couple tries.

Alternatively if your machine is located at a store where bulk candy is nearby or at the checkout then chances are your customers to be already gave into their impulse already and bought something before passing your machines, in which case toys are a preferred. Toys sell better at entertainment and activity driven locations such as bowling alleys, entertainment restaurants and movie theaters. If people are spending money on leisure and fun chances are they will do it again without thinking about it.

It may sound odd when talking about candy consumption, but those with little or any nutritional additions and natural flavoring are going to be more popular with adults and parents. Staying away from nostalgic candies are best, unless the location is particularly concentrated with the older generation in places such as care homes.

The products you choose can make or break the vending machine location, so close consideration is needed. For ideas check websites that sell bulk vending supplies and browse their products to find the perfect fit for your location.