High Risk Areas & Theft Prevention

By candypreneur

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Nov 25th, 2015

Bulk vending businesses can be profitable, however a major loss from vandalism and theft can kill you earnings. Most people don’t want to consider the possibility, however a few preventative actions can curb any chance of theft or vandalism that may be present.

The first thing to do is consider the location of the machine, you should feel like it is in a safe area of town. Losing a machine to vandalism or theft is one thing, but getting jumped by somebody while servicing a machine is even worse. You should be confident in the area and feel like it is a safe area to operate.

Once you are confident in the location a spot must be decided on between you and the business owner. The ideal placement for both security and good sales is going to be close to the entrance/exit. Placing them just inside past the main doors is ideal, being the first thing customers will notice when coming in.

If you come up with an alternative location that has more outside exposure then it would be wise to have the machine bolted down. Location owners will want to avoid property damage at all costs, so you may have to offer the repair costs if you move from the location. The security of having your machines firmly rooted in the ground is of great importance, especially if they are small machines that could simply be carried away.

Wiring a security camera into the locations system (if they have one) is another good preventative step, however if that poses too much cost or effort you can always install a fake camera. Make sure that either way it is visibly pointed at the machine, ideally positioned to face the customer using it.

Stickers can also be used on the machine itself. Stickers that read something like “This location is under video surveillance” can be found quite easily. In combination with other preventative actions, you should have very little risk of theft. As long as a potential thief knows that the machine is under watch and bolted into the ground, they won’t bother trying to rip you off.

All of these methods have potential costs, and it is up to you how many of them you really want to take advantage of. These methods will not be needed in every location, but for a select few it may be good to consider a few security measures. As long as you utilize some kind of deterrent, 99% of thieves are going to move onto a lower risk opportunity and leave your machines alone.