Charity Vending Stickers

By candypreneur

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Dec 9th, 2015

charity-stickersUtilizing charities as an operating basis is much better for business than managing commissions to business owners. In the long term it will save you a lot of time and money, and you will be helping a good cause.

Charities have caught on to this idea and many offer promotional materials to help your vending route while you donate to them. For a monthly fee of no more than a couple dollars per machine, they will send you stickers to place on your machines and advertise their charity.

It is a win win situation for everyone, the charity makes a little money and you save in the hassle of dealing with a greedy business owner. Kicking a small commission percentage to the charity in addition to the flat monthly fee is not required, but it is a nice sentiment that can help your local community.

This also can help boost profits when people see their impulse snacking is for a good cause. Machines that utilize charity advertisements sell more product, by up to twice as much as non-sponsored machines. Not only do you make more money, but the charity of your choice gets potential exposure to every one of your customers. It may not be as much exposure as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge but it’s an important one nonetheless.

Below are links to five different websites with over 30 different charitable organizations that sponsor vending routes. All of them have a monthly fee of $1-$2 a month per machine. Choose your charity sponsor wisely thought, while national organizations are indeed important and accomplish a lot, sponsoring your local animal shelter may do more for the local community.