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Dec 16th, 2015

Bulk Candy vending machines are not all the same, whether you are buying new or used it is still important to consider the manufacturer. Choosing the right model and manufacturer can do leaps and bounds to improve your efficiency and significantly lower maintenance problems.

Some machines are built stronger than others, with durable coin mechanism and solid construction. Others machines are flashier and more visually pleasing than others, while their internal mechanics are fragile and need constant replacement. Finding the right balance of price versus quality can sometime be hard to determine, and unfortunately many people end up learning from their bad purchasing decision.

Common Coin Operated Machine Manufacturers will be discussed briefly, and links to the manufacturers site will be included.


Beaver machines are great quality, their entire line is built solidly and attractively. Their machines are very durable and reliable, which is of prime importance to your business. Unfortunately the price tag for new ones is very high and used machines are hard to come across.

Also some reviews suggest that servicing them takes significantly longer than average.

U-Turn Vending

Many people get started with U-Turn machines because they look good and you can buy them new for a relatively cheap price. U-Turns are one of the easiest machines to find used, and the resale market is large. They are however a pain to service, as they are not built with the service technician in mind.

Used ones rarely have a coin reservoir, meaning that they scatter all along the base, and the machine literally has to be taken apart to retrieve the coins. Also the coin mechanisms are often made of plastic, meaning that they are far more prone to breaking.


Northwestern Machines are built solidly and they look great. Servicing the machines is a simple and fast process, and mechanical problems are rare. With a moderate price both new and used, they are great machines to have on your route.


Selectivend manufacturers a lot more than just bulk candy vending machines, so their product line for gumball and candy machines is very small. They are built decently and look fairly good, but the mechanisms are prone to damage and replacement.

Buying them new is not worth the price for a fairly average machine, and seeing as the product line is fairly small it is unlikely that you will come across used ones.

Oak Manufacturing

Oak machines are built well and they retain a nice look. They are hard to find both new and used though.


A&A Machines are built well and have some nice features. The machines are heavy and very durable, they will last a long time. Servicing them is easy and the coin mechanism is built well, but prone to being a little sticky, meaning that it needs to be lubricated quite a bit.

Overall A&A machine are good quality, they are not outrageously expensive and they will last a long time.


Vendstar went out of business, so there are plenty of used machines on the market. They are infamous for their rather industrial appearance with a dull metal finish. While they may not be suitable for retail locations, they are perfect for staff break rooms and other high volume locations.

The used machines are cheap, but be wary because parts will become increasingly harder to come across if something does go wrong.

Product Listings

These two sites list a good amount of new machines, and can be used to easily compare different models and manufacturers.