Welcome, my name is Scott Bonner. When I first started my vending business I had a hard time finding relevant information for the challenges I was facing in my business. There were a few articles here and there but there were a lot of gaps and no clear path for me to follow. I would constantly have to figure things out as I went. So after a year of being in business I started Candypreneur hoping I could help at least one person dodge the problems I ran into. I posted these lessons so you wouldn’t have to learn them the hard way too.

After a few years in business I sold my vending route and reinvested the money I made into a new business venture. My experience in the vending business has changed the way I look at the world, and myself. I learned what I am capable of and surprised myself time and time again. What I learned about business will save me a lot of money and pain in all my future business endeavors.

The vending business allowed me focus on learning a few key business skills like sales, hr, inventory control and finances to name a few. Once you jump into a much more complex business you will have to deal with marketing, supply chain, infrastructure, and much more. By learning the basics in a simple business made the more advanced business concepts easier to learn.

While vending may not be a life long business for everyone it has been the start of many great entrepreneurs. Warren Buffett in his youth had a vending machine business. Obviously he went on to be a much bigger then most of us could ever dream. However in my time I’ve met numerous multi-million dollar business owners who started in the vending business. Everyone of them holds a special place in their heart for the bags of quarters and that feeling like being a pirate when they serviced their machines.

I am glad you have found this site and I hope it helps you find the freedom and opportunities you are searching for. To get started check out my get started guide. I hope you find the site informative and wish you luck on your ventures.

Scott Bonner